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Internship are considered today essential experiences in gaining both professional contacts and skills in areas of career interest. An internship program can be a selective and competitive experience that frequently screens a large number of applicants in order to see if they fit for future full time opportunities, or can be uniquely customized and found through networking with any professional.

Below are some China internship resources to consider, but remember, just like job searching, sometimes you need to do simply offer your services to someone who trusts you and follow where the network leads!

Feel free to consider these resources and more in searching for internship opportunities posted (remember there are many many more):

In China: (Chinese only) (China NGO) (International internship platform)


When you have secured an internship, please report it via our Application form (International Students must process a new residence permit for an internship in China):

For International Students internships in China

2019 DKU International Student Internship in China

For China Students internships in China:

2019 DKU China student China Internship

For International Students International Internships:

2019 DKU International Student International Internship