Tips for Travelers to DKU | Duke Kunshan University

Tips for Travelers to DKU

Traveling to DKU and the Shanghai-Kunshan area? We have tips and suggestions to help you on your way.

Things to Pack

If you’re traveling to DKU, we recommend bringing the following:

  • Laptop computer: If you’re bringing a Duke laptop, please check with your school/departmental IT unit before your trip. They’ll want to perform updates and maintenance on your computer before you leave.  Your IT support team can review with you Duke’s security recommendations such as whole disk encryption and using Duke Box for file storage. If you’d prefer not to carry your own laptop, ask your school IT team if they are able to provide a loaner laptop.
  • Video adapter: DKU classrooms/team rooms have VGA and HDMI connectors. If your computer has a different, proprietary connector (such as Apple-specific ports, DVI, etc.), bring a VGA or HDMI adapter.
  • Power charger: Your existing chargers for your laptop (and other electronics) will work only if they support the 220 volt service found in China as well as the 110 volt US electric service.  Many laptop chargers do; read the label on your charger.
  • Plug adapter: Even if your charger supports 220 volt service, a plug adapter is needed to allow your power charger to fit the electric outlets you’ll find in China.  China uses Type A, Type C, and Type I outlets. Many electronic stores sell these devices.