MMS: DKU Business Communication Courses

MMS: DKU Business Communication Courses

As an aspiring business professional, you understand the importance of branding when marketing a product. The Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University program strives to provide you with the resources you need to develop and market your own personal brand to potential employers.

Our Business Communications I and II courses teach the most important career development lesson: how to market yourself, and how to do it well. These intensive courses give you first-hand work experience and help you use it to create a brand for yourself —  through resume, cover letters and personal development — as well as teaching valuable skills for company outreach, interviewing and professional communication. Read on to learn more about the valuable business communications skills MMS: DKU students will develop through our Business Communications I and II courses.

MMS: DKU Business Communication Course Fundamentals

  • Personal Branding: Believe it or not, the art of storytelling could be the differentiating factor between you and another candidate during the interview process. Your ability to connect to a listener communicates a sense of who you are, what value you add, and your personal aspirations. Our Business Communication faculty and career development staff can help you create a storyline that ends in career achievement.
  • Developing Your Toolset: Finding your ideal career goes beyond simply creating a resume and cover letter. In Business Communications I and II, you will learn how to craft effective outreach strategies that allow you to take advantage of networking opportunities and set up informational interviews in order to maximize your chances of landing a formal interview.
  • Mock Interviewing: Different interview methods require specialized interview preparation. For example, a popular interview method is case interviewing, when an interviewer presents you with information about a company and a problem they're facing, requiring you to come up with a solution. Our Business Communication faculty teach you how to answer these kinds of questions by creating logical structures, using data and communicating persuasively.

Additional Business Communication Skills Covered:

  • Self-assessment
  • Social media branding
  • Identifying prospective employers
  • Creating a job search business plan
  • Developing 30- and 60-second elevator pitches
  • Networking techniques
  • Business etiquette and dressing for success
  • Business ethics and career code of conduct
  • Job offer evaluation and negotiation
  • Building a global job search
  • And more

No matter your industry of interest, understanding the fundamentals of business communication is essential for your future career success. MMS: DKU Business Communications courses equip you with the lifelong skills you need to enter into and impact the business world.

Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University students are exposed to a rigorous business education and have access to valuable career resources to ensure career success and job placement upon graduation. Interested in learning more? Contact us with any questions, or begin the admissions process today.