MMS: DKU Business Networking | Build Your Career Network

Build Your Career Network in the MMS: DKU Program

When you join the Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University program, you’ve joined a global network of more than 19,000 business leaders, with an incredibly passionate cohort in East Asia. As a member of the Fuqua family, you inherit friends in the corporate world dedicated to helping Duke, and now Duke Kunshan University, as you succeed in your job search. Additionally, our faculty, research center staff, and board members are extremely supportive in connecting students to potential employers and helping create networking opportunities.

Network with Your MMS Classmates

The diversity of your classmates in the MMS: DKU program adds another level of education to your experience. The variety of life, academic and professional backgrounds enhances the culture of the campus and lends itself to innovative thinking. The more perspectives you're able to grasp, the better you'll be at solving tomorrow's business problems.

Working through academic problems and assignments with your MMS teammates will be an experience you look back on as a professional culture simulation that prepared you to succeed in the global workplace. Additionally, the relationships you build with your classmates today could very well be the foundation of your future business network as you each progress in your careers.

Network with MMS: DKU Faculty

As an MMS: DKU student, you’ll have the benefit of learning from the same professors that teach Fuqua’s MBA program. Our world-renowned faculty are not only extremely knowledgeable, but are accessible and willing to share their business experience with you. As you progress through the program, you get to know our professors and look to them as mentors, friends and networking connections for your job search.

Shichao(Potter) Wang
Class of 2015, President

Industry Consultancy Analyst, Nielsen China

"The MMS: DKU program offers me top-tier US business education. I was immersed into both Chinese and American cultures.  Its approach to team-based learning is effective training for cross-cultural communication and critical thinking, which has greatly improved my networking capabilities. The Career Management Center has provided invaluable support for my career search in the Greater China region."

Network with Duke Alumni

Duke University has more than 148,000 alumni all over the world, and as a graduate, you will automatically become a member of the Duke Alumni Association (DAA).

Additionally, Fuqua alumni remain a team long after graduation. Our network of more than 19,000 alumni is among the most supportive and responsive of any business school, with many alumni returning to Fuqua to recruit for open positions. Unlike some schools that make you wait until you graduate to get access to the alumni directory, we give you access once you begin your program so you can begin building your business network as soon as possible.

More than 80 alumni career mentor volunteers work with MMS students to hone professional communication techniques, build interviewing and networking skills, and offer helpful career advice. Both Fuqua MMS and MBA graduates in diverse industries participate in this Career Advisor for MMS program (CAM).

Network with Corporations

We train you for the current world of business, and the insight we gain from our corporate connections allows us to provide you with the tools you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Companies engage with us on many levels by:

  • Recruiting our graduates
  • Collaborating on faculty research
  • Supporting institutional programs and capital projects

Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University students are exposed to a rigorous business education and have access to valuable networking opportunities to ensure career success upon graduation. Interested in learning more? Contact us with any questions, or begin the admissions  process today.