MMS: DKU Teams | Team Building

MMS: DKU Teams for Collaborative Learning

Master of Management StudiesMaster of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University students complete the first three terms of the program at The Fuqua School of Business in Durham, North Carolina before transitioning to Duke Kunshan University in China for the remainder of the program. In order to simulate today's team-focused corporate environment, we create small teams of students. Hand-picked to maximize your potential for career success and personal growth, each team member brings a diverse academic background to the table.

Team-Building & Leadership Opportunities

Upon beginning the MMS program and receiving team assignmentsUpon beginning the MMS program and receiving team assignments, students will begin to build a solid foundation for collaborative success through days of team-building and orientation exercises. Team-building activities will not only teach students how to communicate and work with their fellow classmates, but also identify their strengths and weakness when it comes to leadership.

This experiential learning continues throughout the academic year, preparing our MMS: DKU students for success in the business world. Because a majority of coursework is done collaboratively, teams must learn to trust and depend on each other, learning more about each other’s diverse talents, abilities and perspectives.

When MMS: DKU students startWhen MMS: DKU students start Spring Term 1 on the Duke Kunshan University campus, they will receive new team assignments. These teams will work together for the remainder of the program, further enhancing the academic experience by providing exposure to a variety of viewpoints and leadership styles in a new, global environment.

The Value of Academic Teams in Business Education

Through the MMS: DKU programThrough the MMS: DKU program, you'll get a taste of real-world interpersonal and team dynamics as you learn to navigate the challenges of working with different personalities, work styles, and expectations. By the end of the program, you'll motivate your team members and constructively resolve team conflict — two skills critical for a successful career in business. For further information about the MMS: DKU program, contact us.

Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University students follow a vigorous curriculum in a team-based atmosphere, providing valuable real-world team-building experience. Students attend courses on campus at both Duke University in Durham, NC, and at Duke Kunshan University in Kunshan, China.