Spotlight | Duke Kunshan University


By Shangyi Jiang and Xinyue Zhou

On Nov. 2-3, Duke Kunshan University welcomed the families of first-year undergraduate students to campus. 

In all, 134 parents and family members participated in the family weekend event. They had a chance to interact with the faculty, students and others who will be important parts of their children's lives for the next few years.

Duke and Duke Kunshan University collaborating with InDevR Inc. to test the new influenza subtyping assay for enhanced surveillance.

Scientists at Duke Kunshan University and Duke University are collaborating with InDevR Inc. to evaluate a lab-on-a-chip technique for the rapid identification of the influenza virus subtype from human and animal samples.

Making ‘Smart Headlights’ with Machine Learning

Duke engineers are helping to invent headlights that automatically recognize surrounding environments, selectively illuminate important objects and display information on the roadway.

KUNSHAN -- Last week, groups from Duke and Duke Kunshan universities co-hosted a five-day symposium to share knowledge and build connections that will help answer an important question: How can we collaborate to meet the sustainability challenges created when investment takes place across national boundaries?

Following a presentation from Condoleezza Rice, panelists discuss US-China relations.

A town hall meeting about United States-China relations, held earlier this month at Duke Kunshan University, led to a wide-ranging discussion on trade, technology transfer and talent issues between the two countries.