Undergraduate program

Registration Overview

Registration is completed via the Student Information System (SIS). SIS is the student self-service application providing students with an array of information and direct access to their academic, financial, and personal data. Access to SIS is gained by the use of your NetID and password.

  • Access to SIS is gained by the use of your NetID and password. As a security precaution, students should change their NetID password periodically. This ID and password are your key to accessing all of the personal information contained on these pages. DON'T SHARE YOUR PASSWORD WITH ANYONE!
  • The use of SIS to gain access to or alter the record of registration of another person, or to gain access to restricted classes without proper permission, is a violation of the Duke Kunshan Community Standard and is subject to disciplinary action.
  • Registration and drop/add are available to all students with no outstanding financial or other obligations to the university. Students with outstanding financial obligations must make arrangements with the bursar's office before registering or attempting to drop/add. Those students who have not paid billed fees owed to, or fines imposed by, the university will not be permitted to register until the fees and fines have been paid, even if the student has paid tuition for the upcoming term.
  • See the Academic Calendar for the official semester schedule and registration deadlines.

Procedure Documents

Graduate programs

Course Load

Undergraduate Course Load (for Undergraduate Global Learning Semester): Many of the courses at Duke Kunshan University require substantial amounts of reading, and the 7-week courses are concentrated into a short time frame. This format allows students to focus on fewer subjects at once, but also requires more time outside of class than a typical semester schedule. The standard course load at DKU is 4 courses. If students take one of the full semester language courses, they can choose to take 2 of the 7-week courses in the first session, and 1 in the second, or 1 in the first 7-week session and 2 in the second. If students do not wish to take a full semester language course, then they can choose two 7-week courses in each of the 7-week sessions.

If a student would like to take more or less than a normal course load, the student needs to consult his/her advisor and secure permission from the program associate dean. The Course Overload/Underload Request Form is available for this purpose.

Please take special note that students who have signed “Participation Agreement” through Duke Global Education Office (GEO) must take the normal (not minimum) full credit load of 4 courses. No overload or under load is permitted.

Graduate Course Load: Graduate students should defer to the specific requirements of their program and the advice of their faculty advisors when determining which courses to study over the course of their programs.


DukeHub is the student record application providing students with an array of information and direct access to their academic and personal data. Students can find their course schedule, grades, and personal information by logging into DukeHub with their NetID and password.

Course Registration

For graduate programs, students will be registered in class based on the curriculum of each program. The registration window is usually from 2 to 4 weeks prior to the start of the new semester.

For Global Learning Semester program, prior to the start of each semester, the Registrar Office will send out the Course Selection Survey to gather information about students desired course selections for that semester. Based on students’ feedback, the registrar will generate students’ schedule, which will be available to students via DukeHub. For a preview of courses offered in each semester, click here.


The drop/add period is defined as the period in time after the Registrar Office enrolls the students in class and continues through the first week of all 7-week long courses and the first 2 weeks of all full-semester courses. The dates can be found in the Academic Calendar for each academic year. The MMS: DKU program has drop/add dates that differ from the University calendar. During the drop/add period, students can request to change their schedule without penalty. After the drop/add period ends, students may be permitted to withdraw from a normal course load to an underload by the program associate dean. Such a withdrawal to an underload is possible only prior to the final two weeks of classes for 7-week courses and final four weeks of classes for full semester courses. The Course Withdrawal Request Form is available for this purpose.