Athletics | Duke Kunshan University


Sport is a common language everyone understands and therefore, is a powerful tool that can bring our culturally diverse student body together. Our sports and physical activity program is designed to promote diversity in physical activity, reflect on students’ interests, and provide an opportunity for intra-varsity competition.

Type of Varsity Sports and sport clubs will depend solely on student interest. In that regard, our incoming students will have a significant impact on the sports program at Duke Kunshan University. Currently our program will offer over 20 different activities on a rolling basis including, but not limited to basketball, volleyball, badminton, soccer, tennis, table tennis, softball, Tai Chi, Yoga, weight training, golf, TRX training, archery, swimming, martial arts, sailing/kayaking, dragon boat, fencing, and goalball to name a few. As our program grows, so will the number of activities.

Athletics will offer Varsity Sports that will compete with other joint-venture universities. The Varsity competition is unique as it involves competition in a traditional league competition format and a multi-event competition between several universities, a “mini Olympics”.

Duke Kunshan University sport clubs and intramural competition are great opportunities to bring our staff, students, and even members of the local community together to compete, stay fit, but more importantly make friends and have fun! Students are encouraged to organize sports clubs of their interest.

Our multi-sport recreation area hosts basketball, volleyball, tennis, indoor soccer, badminton, table tennis, and other sports throughout the year. However, other sports such as swimming, golf, kayaking and dragon boat are provided in collaboration with local clubs. Students also have an access to a newly expanded fitness center.

For those not necessarily interested in sport activities, as part of the Duke Kunshan community, you will have an opportunity to join various wellness programs and initiatives throughout the year.

So, as you can see, at Duke Kunshan University, there is something for everyone!