61. What are the dining options? | Duke Kunshan University

On-campus dining is available three meal times a day, seven days a week, but they are periodically closed for major holidays and/or when the university campus is closed. At such times, email notices will be sent out for information on closing times. There are various locations on campus for full meals: Academic Building (1) Cafeteria and (2) Executive Dining Hall, and the Conference Center (3) Zatar Eatery, which serves halal options. Kosher options are not available at this time, but special dietary needs are accommodated by DKU food services after a meeting to discuss details. The Cafeteria and Executive Dining Hall serve both Chinese and international cuisines. All meals must be paid for using a pre-loaded DKU ID card or WeChat. The DKU ID Card allows for a 10 percent discount and can be topped up at the Academic Cafe next to the Cafeteria.