Cost of Attendance

Duke Kunshan University offers a world-class education for highly qualified students of all backgrounds. The cost of attendance reflects our university’s commitment to providing an outstanding educational experience. It is comparable to the cost of other leading private universities, and scholarship support is available to bring students closer to their goals. All applicants will be automatically considered for all available scholarships based on their academic achievement.

Students will spend their first year at Duke Kunshan University. With few exceptions, second-year MEng candidates will study abroad at Duke, where they will have the opportunity to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services at the end of the year. If a student attends Duke, his/her tuition and fees will be paid directly to Duke for that year. A student may choose to remain at Duke Kunshan University for the second year, but that student will not be eligible for OPT. OPT eligibility requires a student to study in the United States for two consecutive semesters.

Estimated Tuition and Fees for the 2019-2020 Academic Year (pending approval)

Cost of Attendance for International Students
 Year 1 (Duke Kunshan University)Year 2 (Duke Kunshan University)Year 2 (Duke)
Health Insurance$1,200$1,200$3,500
Student Fee  $650
Books and Supplies$800$800$800
Domestic/International Travel$2,000$2,000$2,000
Local Transportation  $800
Total Cost of Attendance$64,500$64,500$77,250
Cost of Attendance for Domestic Students
 Year 1 (Duke Kunshan University)Year 2 (Duke Kunshan University)Year 2 (Duke)
Health Insurance¥8,000¥8,000$3,500
Student Fee  $650
Books and Supplies¥5,000¥5,000$800
Domestic/International Travel¥2,000¥2,000$2,000
Local Transportation  $800
Total Cost of Attendance¥237,000¥237,000$77,250

*At this time, all fees and rates are estimates.

When studying at Duke Kunshan University, all tuition and fees will be invoiced by and paid to Duke Kunshan University. When studying at Duke, all tuition and fees will be invoiced by and paid to Duke.

At Duke Kunshan University, health insurance is optional but strongly recommended. At Duke, it is mandatory.

Duke Kunshan University student residences and dining facilities are closed during winter break between the Fall and Spring semesters, as well as for seven days during Chinese New Year. During this time, students should arrange their own accommodations, as campus will be closed. These costs are not included in the estimated cost above, and students are personally responsible for these costs.

For Chinese students, “Domestic/International Travel” includes the estimated cost of one round trip ticket between their hometown and Duke Kunshan University/Duke, as well as typical visa costs. For international students, “Domestic/International Travel” includes the estimated cost of one round trip ticket from an international destination to Duke Kunshan University/Duke, as well as the required health check and registration costs. If students wish to return to their home countries during breaks before the end of the academic year, they should budget additional funds.