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Policies and Procedures

DKU Academic Organizational Structure*
Policy on Faculty Absence*
DKU Policy on Mentorship of Faculty*
DKU Policy on Pre-Tenure Sabbatical Leaves*
Policy on Consensual Romantic or Sexual Relationships Between Faculty and Students*
Grade Dispute Policy*
Undergraduate Student Academic Complaints Policy*
Guidelines on Appointment of Research Faculty*
Policy for Faculty Resignation*
Proposal for Descriptions of Faculty Ranks*
Faculty Funds Guidelines*
Faculty Charter*
Duke Kunshan University Faculty Code of Conduct*
Bylaws of University Faculty*
Academic Policies*
Research Polices
Faculty Annual Report*
Academic Tenure and Faculty Appointment, Promotion and Tenure*
Policy on Faculty Professionalism*
DKU Academic Salary Buyouts Policy*
Guidelines for Withdrawal of Summer Salary*
DKU Course Buy Out Policy*
DKU Postdoctoral Positions Guideline*
DKU Rule for Accessing Course Evaluation Information*
Regulations are available on the Duke Kunshan University Regulations page.

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