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Program Overview

DKU offers intensive, fun one-week mini-term courses during a break between Session 3 and Session 4 (March 15-18). There are two types of mini-term course: 1) Exploratory Courses enable students to explore new areas of interest in a high-impact, low-risk format; and 2) Signature Work Courses provide structured time for sophomores and juniors to focus on planning or research for their Signature Work project. For both kinds of mini-term courses, daily work is limited to eight hours a day for class preparation, meetings and experiential activities.

There are no grades, and the only expectation is that students attend and engage with the group. There are no prerequisites for Exploratory Courses; some Signature Work Courses have prerequisites. All students except those in the Class of 2022 must complete one mini-term course as a requirement for graduation. Students may be able to enroll in additional mini-term courses as space permits in subsequent years.

DKU will offer 29 Exploratory Courses and 11 Signature Work Courses in spring 2021. All mini-term courses are capped at 18 students. Depending on the location of instructors and enrolled students, courses will be offered in hybrid or online delivery formats.