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DKU’s founders have made art an integral part of the university’s beautifully designed, state-of-the-art campus, as well as its educational environment. Art is an essential element of an education designed to empower individuals to confront society’s most critical challenges creatively, with an open mind and a strong sense of values and ethics.

The DKU Art Project

The DKU Art Project attracts artists from China and abroad who are interested in displaying their work within the liberal arts environment of DKU, and who believe that art, like education, is an important bridge for cross-cultural conversations. The DKU Art Project encourages artists to share their vision and talent by creating, donating or exhibiting artwork on DKU campus, thus shaping DKU’s dynamic and innovative culture.

We are proud to begin this ambitious project with the generous help of Zhou Qian, a Shanghai artist who has donated original works to display in the DKU Academic Building and Conference Center.

About Artist Zhou Qian

A native of Shanghai, Zhou Qian developed an interest in calligraphy and painting early on under the influence of her father, a renowned calligrapher. Determined to forge her own style, she ventured outside of her Chinese roots and studied oil painting at Singapore Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. After graduating in 1999, she returned to China to focus on landscape painting at the National Painting Academy of China, and painting of flowers and birds at Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy.

In her art, Zhou Qian fuses her Eastern heritage harmoniously with Western training, having developed a style that blends the vibrant colors of oil painting with calligraphic strokes. This creates a fresh and unique interpretation of Chinese philosophy and symbolism. She paints landscapes of traditional Chinese compositions using impressionist, symbolist or surrealist color techniques.

In 2012, one of Zhou Qian’s paintings “South China View” was presented by Mr. Yang Jiechi, then China Foreign Affairs Minister as a national gift to India’s Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. S.M. Krishna at the People’s Hall in Beijing. In 2013, her own art exhibition “From Paris to Shanghai” opened at Montparnasse Museum, Paris.

Excited by DKU’s vision to bring America’s most innovative educational offerings to China and make an impact on future leaders in China and in the world, she donated a series of works “The Life of Blooming,” to Duke Kunshan University in fall 2014. In 2016, her series of works " Five Elements"  was included as permanent collection of Denver Art Museum, US.