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Enter the CSCC Competition

Write a Short Paper and Voice Your Perspective on Sino-U.S. Relations

To celebrate the formal launch of the Center for the Study of Contemporary China (CSCC), the CSCC is organizing a DKU undergraduate paper and speaking contest.

On Saturday, January 12, four experts on Sino-U.S. relations, coming to DKU from Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States will engage in a lively public conversation about the Sino-U.S. relationship. Each has recommended one short reading on Sino-U.S. relations. All DKU undergraduate students are eligible to enter the competition to create, from their own perspective, a short response to one or more recommended reading.

In the first round of the competition, students submit a 250-300 word response to one or more reading. A DKU undergraduate faculty committee selects the top 8 responses to post on the CSCC website and to advance to the second round. On Friday, January 11, the selected 8 students are invited to give their response in a 5-minute presentation to an audience of DKU undergraduates, with DKU faculty and several invited experts offering commentary. The student audience will elect four winners, who will be invited to a dinner with experts and DKU faculty that evening. They will also present their perspective at the January 12 conference.

What is this competition about?

This competition is an opportunity for you to formulate a better understanding of Sino-U.S. relations and present your views to others. You also have the opportunity to have a direct conversation with world-leading scholars in the field of Sino-U.S. relations.

What is the paper about?

The paper should be a short (250-300 words) response to one or more of the recommended articles on Sino-U.S. relationships. You should submit your response to chi.zhang323@dukekunshan.edu.cn by January 7.

What happens after submitting your paper?

After you submit your paper, 8 student winners will be selected to offer a 5-minute presentation on Friday, January 11 at DKU. The audience will be DKU students, faculty members, and several experts invited for the conference on Sino-U.S. relations. Each presenter can elaborate on his or her paper and offer more insights regarding Sino-U.S. relations. DKU students will vote to select 4 winners, who are then invited to have dinner with the speakers and present their comments as a DKU student representative at the next day’s conference.

What are the important deadlines and schedule?

7 January 12 noon: submit your paper to chi.zhang323@dukekunshan.edu.cn

11 January afternoon: speaking contest among 8 winners, election of 4 winners

11 January evening: 4 winners dine with speakers and DKU faculty

12 January daytime: 4 winners offer their commentary as student representatives at the public conference