Daniel Weltman’s Talk: Against Agent Regret | Duke Kunshan University

Daniel Weltman’s Talk: Against Agent Regret

E.g., 06/16/2022
E.g., 06/16/2022
17:30 to 18:30
IB- 1047

Talk’s Abstract: "Agent regret" is the label that philosopher Bernard Williams gave to the sort of bad feelings that we feel when we are involved in bad situations which are not our fault. For instance, think of a careful, blameless truck driver who, through no fault of their own, hits and kills a child. The driver would feel very bad about this, and this bad feeling would be different from the guilt a careless driver would feel or the regret an onlooker would feel. In this talk I suggest that agent regret is not a fitting attitude to have. Although it may seem sensible, in fact we should not feel bad for the contributions we blamelessly make to situations which are not our fault.

Daniel’s Bio: Daniel Weltman is an assistant professor of philosophy at Ashoka University. He works on political philosophy and on ethics. His main research focuses on topics relating to borders, including secession, self-determination, sovereignty, and revolution. He earned a PhD in Philosophy for the University of California San Diego in 2018.