Distinguished Speaker Series | My Entrepreneur Journey, Business Philosophy and Social Responsibility | Liguo Ding & Jing Zhao | Duke Kunshan University

Distinguished Speaker Series | My Entrepreneur Journey, Business Philosophy and Social Responsibility | Liguo Ding & Jing Zhao

E.g., 06/18/2022
E.g., 06/18/2022
15:30 to 17:00
AB 2107 | Online

On campus: AB 2107
Zoom link: https://duke.zoom.us/j/98905419099
This event is open to the public.

Liguo Ding was born in 1970 in Fengrun, Hebei province. Since becoming an entrepreneur in 1992, he has adhered to a philosophy of “be meditative, composed, specialized and professional, “focus on one industry, specialize in the main business,” and “stick to one thing in a lifetime and success is guaranteed.”

In 2000, Ding acquired Xingtai Xinmou Steel Co., which had a liability of RMB 240 million, and later changed its name to Delong Steel Co. Ltd. In 2014, Ding started to expand his business overseas and built a 550 hot-rolled steel production line with an annual capacity of 600,000 metric tons in Thailand. In 2017, he invested in the construction of PT. Dexin Steel Indonesia, bringing advanced domestic steel technology to the Belt and Road countries, and becoming the largest steel producer and exporter from China. In November 2018, Ding acquired Sichuan Datong Gas Development Co. Ltd., an A-share listed company, to enter the energy and gas industry. In 2019, he and his team participated in the reform of Tianjin Bo Steel, which had a debt of over RMB 100 billion. They took over steel assets from the Bo Steel System and succeeded in the largest case of mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises since reform and opening up, an important milestone in transformation and upgrading of China’s traditional industries.

Ding is a member of the 11th National People’s Congress, an expert in the International Cooperation Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, a member of the Advisory Committee of the first All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, executive director of the Green Development Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, executive vice chairman of the All-China Metallurgical Chamber of Commerce, vice chairman of the sixth Council of the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, rotating chairman of the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum (2017-2018), chairman of the Yabuli Social Responsibility Committee, co-chairman of the Global Social Entrepreneurs Forum, and co-chairman of the Z.H.Island and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Urban Agglomeration.

In addition to his business success, Ding is dedicated to charity and public service. He is one of the 16 Top Ten Outstanding Young People of China, a national model worker, and an outstanding private entrepreneur who cares for employees. In 2010, Ding founded Beijing Cihong Charitable Foundation, which is evaluated as a 5A level foundation. In 2018, Ding was elected to be the Chinese Philanthropic Personality of the Year by China Annual Conference on Philanthropy. In 2019, he was one of Top 10 China Economic Person of the Year. In 2020, he was named one of the 50 Most Impactful Business Leaders in China, and was granted the 17th China M&A Outstanding Contribution Award.

Jing Zhao is founder and chairman of Beijing Cihong Charity Foundation, and a board member of Delong Holdings.

Cihong Foundation is committed to improving educational environment of less developed area and eliminating the inequality of educational resources distribution. Zhao and her family are not only personally involved in program execution and inspection but also in raising awareness and support among their networks. Since its establishment, the foundation has benefited over 1.2 million students in more than 2,200 rural schools. Cihong has also trained over 800 charitable organizations on its project management and information disclosure system to help development of the education industry.

Within the Delong community, Zhao has been leading efforts to encourage every employee to participate in philanthropy and volunteerism. Her effort helped Delong become the first Chinese company with an internal policy of rotating volunteer system for staff. Volunteerism and corporate philanthropy have also become an integral part of Delong’s corporate culture and brand.