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Monthly Donation is not Only about Money: A Case Study of the ENGO Friends of Nature

E.g., 06/18/2022
E.g., 06/18/2022
17:30 to 18:30
Academic Building AB1079

Time and date: 17:30-18:30, Wednesday November 13, 2019

Location: AB1079

Dr. Hong LIN
Assistant Professor
Institute of Sociology
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences


All over the world, public donations to charities from both rich and mass groups have increased significantly, and the total amount of individual donations in almost all parts of the world is higher than that of institutional donations, with the exception of China. For social organizations, when there is pressure from other sources of funds, public donation is an alternative way with great potential, of which monthly donation is considered as the best way; and with the rapid development of technology, new and more direct ways of communication make public donation more convenient and accessible, and even can quickly create topics and have an impact on policy and development related issues. Based on the long-term and continuous field observation and multi subject interviews, this study takes the monthly donation of ENGO Friends of Nature as a case study, presenting both the instrumental and social process of its development of monthly donation, that is, monthly donation is not only a tool for resource acquisition, but also a way to build trust and consensus among groups and communities; it is also expected to provide reference in the Chinese context for the development of monthly donation of public charity industry from the experience of Friends of Nature.


Hong LIN is now the assistant professor of the Institute of Sociology of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and used to be a postdoctoral researcher. She received doctorate in social-cultural anthropology at Peking University, and used to serve in the International Labor Office focusing on HIV/AIDS related applied research and training. During doctoral and postdoctoral periods, she has accomplished two long-term (more than one year) fieldworks, one is in the Sunan Yugu Minority Autonomous County of Gansu province, and the other is in the ENGO Friends of Nature. Her research interest covers ethnic group, environment and health related topics.