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Social Development and Well-Being: China in the World

E.g., 06/18/2022
E.g., 06/18/2022
Oct. 22
IB 2028

Welcome to the Social Development and Well-Being: China in the World conference co-organized by Duke Kunshan’s Center for the Study of Contemporary China (CSCC) and the Center for Applied Social and Economic Research at New York University Shanghai. The goal of this meeting is to formulate a platform where scholars from DKU and NYU Shanghai can exchange ideas, discuss cutting-edge research, and possibly build long-term collaborative relationships. The meeting brings together around two dozen quantitative and qualitative scholars from multiple social sciences disciplines. Each of them contributes some perspectives on topics such as health, aging, urban life, economics, and international relations.

The CSCC is the institutional and intellectual home for scholarly engagement with contemporary China at Duke Kunshan University. In geographic reach, the center comprehends the study not only of the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan but also of the global Chinese diaspora. In historical span, its emphasis is the 20th and 21st centuries, particularly present-day China and legacies that have shaped it. The center promotes rigorous, systematic study of real-world questions relevant to society, politics, and the economy of contemporary China. Its chief mission is to advance world-class research and teaching on contemporary China at Duke Kunshan – and, in so doing, to contribute to the international reputation of this unique global liberal arts university.

The meeting on Oct. 22 consists of four sessions, each of which is open to faculty members at DKU. We also welcome students to attend. However, we may not be able to offer sufficient time for interactions between students and faculty members.

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