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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global Immersion Program

Program Overview

Innovation & Entrepreneurship have been given great attention within world's two largest and most dynamic economies. Innovation is about how new ideas are translated into new products and services and how new business models are created.  Entrepreneurship is about how individuals together create new business value by mobilizing capital and taking risk. The I&E program will provide a global overview of key trends regarding cross-border innovation and entrepreneurial activity, and offer students useful guidance about the successful creation and early execution of a new venture. The students in this program will specifically learn the fundamentals of new venture business management and analysis, key operational tools and practical experience regarding creating viable business models for start-ups.

The overall length of the program is three weeks (July 21- August 9, 2019), including one week at DKU and two weeks at Duke University.  During the first week at DKU, students will attend lectures on strategic planning & innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, introduction to high-tech and technology transfer, cost benefit analysis and green entrepreneurship, and venture capital investment in China. Along with the academic lectures, students will be provided with access to several entrepreneurial situations by visiting manufacturing firms,  high-tech companies and start-ups, and venture capital funds. Students will get an overview of a variety of enterprises via discussions and interviews with enterprise managers and administrative staff. 

In addition to the academic lectures on leadership and strategic planning and innovation, students will visit local traditional and high-tech industries as well as venture capital firms in Suzhou and/or Shanghai to obtain practical insights about a variety of enterprises and to learn opportunity evaluation pathways.

The 2-week learning experience at Duke will teach students marketing and finance and business planning within the context of forming a start-up. The curriculum will focus on establishing a value proposition; identifying an opportunity; intellectual property and technology management; marketing & financing a start-up; and exiting a company. The program has a high-technology focus, but many of the concepts apply to any start-up activity. Students will engage in collaborative teams to go through all the steps required to form a business, just stopping short of executing legal agreements to do so. The experience is an ideal springboard for students who want to start a company or be part of an early-stage company in the future.

The program is highly discussion-oriented and requires a high degree of participation by students in the classroom and during site visits. Upon successful completion of the program, each participant will receive a certificate of completion  jointly provided by DKU and Duke University, as well as an official transcript with 2 credits issued by Duke Kunshan University.

What will participants learn during the program?

  • The Nature of Innovation and Business Development: students will focus on learning about the nature and fundamentals of innovation and start-up companies as well as understanding the opportunities and challenges of the increasingly globalized world economy. Students will study how to develop an innovative mind-set tied to creating new businesses, enterprises, and organizations in the context of the global market.
  • The Dynamic Role of Entrepreneurship and Start-ups: within our experience-based learning environment, students will analyze the failures and successes of companies, and learn to evaluate business opportunities with a set of tools provided by the various instructors. Students will demonstrate their ideas and analyses about the requirements for launching and growing a new entrepreneurial venture.
  • Green Entrepreneurship and International Trade: students will learn cost benefit analysis in green economies, and obtain an overview of various pathways associated with doing business in China and worldwide. Instructors also will provide opportunities for exploring the interaction between the Chinese economy and global economy. A variety of theoretical models associated with international trade and global entrepreneurial policies also will be emphasized in the course.
  • Strategic Business Planning and Marketing: students will be introduced to a series of up-to-date business models and business proposals. Instructors also will encourage students to implement the knowledge and practical experience that they have achieved in this course to map out their own business plans and develop relevant marketing strategies.
  • Financial Planning & Legal Communication: instructors will assist students develop analytical tools (e.g. risk management, portfolio diversification, financial fragility, etc.) for understanding banking issues and financial instruments. Students also will advance their language skills in legal communication.

Requirements and Prerequisites

  1. Undergraduates from top universities worldwide; no limitations on majors or disciplines;
  2. Strong interest in Innovation & Entrepreneurship issues;
  3. High English proficiency required for non-native English speakers, TOEFL (90) or IETLS (7.0) preferred; online interviews will be conducted for students without TOEFL or IETLS scores;
  4. Excellent academic performance, minimum GPA 3.0;
  5. Previous internship experience preferred;
  6. A short essay describing your ideas on Innovation & Entrepreneurship issues is required to be submitted online (maximum 600 words).

Housing & Campus Life:

All participants will be well accommodated at both DKU and Duke.

Icebreaking in DKU Residence

Game Room of DKU Residence Hall

Workshop on Leadership

Living room of Residence Suite, DKU

Bedroom of Residence Suite, DKU

Epworth Residence Hall at Duke

Duke Broadhead Center

Campus Dining at Duke

Important Dates

Application Open

December 31, 2018

Early Decision Deadline

March 25, 2019

Early Decision Review & Interview

March 26-29

Early Decision Admission Announcement

March 30

Early Decision Payment Deadline

April 20

Normal Application Deadline

April 20, 2019

Normal Application Review & Interview

April 23-28

Admission Announcement for Normal Applications

May 12

Payment Deadline

May 20

Program Fee

Including: tuition, registration fee, lodging (double-room), one meal per day, field trips, travel insurance, coffee breaks, welcome reception, and farewell dinner

Not include: International airfare, personal expenses and shopping, visa & passport, etc.

Early Decision Application

Normal Application

4,950 USD

5,500 USD

  • 10% discount will be offered to all Early Decision applicants
  • Seats are limited for Early Decision
  • The program fee will be paid to Duke University directly

Scholarship Opportunity:

Based on overall review and evaluation of academic performance upon program completion, the top 20% of the participants will be eligible to apply 1,000 USD  airfare reimbursement each. 

Online Application


Dr. WANG Shuyi
Director of Graduate Programs and Recruiting
Duke Kunshan University
Tel: (+86) 0512 3665 7089
Mr. WANG Wei
Associate Director of International Relations
Duke Kunshan University
Tel: (+86) 0512 3665 7271
Dr. Liqi Ren
Program Manager
Research Center on China Innovation Strategy
Duke Kunshan University
Tel: (+86) 0512 3665 7328