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MMS: DKU Student Life

When you join the Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University program, it’s up to you to make the most of your student life opportunities in both the US and China. Though your primary reason for enrollment is to receive a world-class business education, you will also benefit from immersing yourself in the complete MMS: DKU student life experience by engaging with your fellow students both in and outside of the classroom. As a MMS: DKU student, you will have the opportunity to partner with MMS: FOB students and the MMS Student Association (MMSA). You will have access to a number of student-led clubs social activities while you are in Durham While in China, you will work with the DKU program team to maintain these relationships and points of connectivity while expanding your understanding of China through regular excursions in the area surrounding the DKU campus



Student Culture of the MMS: DKU Program

Your experience in the MMS: DKU program — on campus at both Fuqua in NC and DKU in China — will shape you professionally and personally with rich, engaging programming and a student culture that focuses on:

  • Leadership and Teamwork — Teamwork is the foundation of any successful business, as is leadership. A significant part of the MMS: DKU experience includes working with fellow students to hone your collaboration skills and also teach you how to hold leadership roles both in and outside of the classroom.
  • Community — While academics are at the core of higher learning, a complete educational experience involves more than just classroom instruction. Fuqua, Duke Kunshan University, Durham and Kunshan offer you many meaningful opportunities to connect with fellow students and the community, creating a supportive student culture.
  • Networking — Participating in social activities is an important part of the graduate school experience — not only will you create friendships that last a lifetime, but you will also build the foundations of a supportive professional network for the future.
Ryan Safian

Ryan Safian
Class of 2015
United States

Senior Associate, Gerson Lehrman Group

“Durham and Kunshan, although very different from each other, are both great places to study. In Durham, you see what it’s like going to school at such a prominent and beautiful place as Duke, experiencing all the traditions that come with it like attending sporting events, visiting the Duke Chapel, and eating southern food. In Kunshan, you get to observe what modern development is like in China, and appreciate the balance between living outside the downtown area of Kunshan and being able to travel to Shanghai, one of the busiest cities in the world, just a train ride away.”

In addition to a world-class business education, Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University students will enjoy a meaningful student life experience and a supportive, community-focused student culture. Interested in learning more about a business education on campus in both the US and China? Contact us with any questions, or begin the admissions process today.