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The center supports excellence in research by the Duke Kunshan University faculty with mentorship awards and awards for conferences organized around faculty research. As shown below, the center’s faculty experts are engaged in research on contemporary China ranging across many different topics.

Faculty Research Workshops

The center organizes faculty research workshops that build intellectual community broadly across Duke Kunshan University and Wuhan University. The workshops offer an opportunity for scholars at the two universities to gain and give valuable comments on research in progress on contemporary China. In registering for a workshop, faculty participants agree to read a paper, which will not be presented orally, and to be prepared to discuss the work constructively with their colleagues.

Fall 2018 Workshops

Performing Prosperity, Running Capital, and the Making of a Housing Market in Eastern Nanjing's Urban Fringe

Mengqi Wang, September 5

Hukou Intermarriage and Exchange in China

Yu Wang, September 19

Romanizing Southern Min: Missionaries and the Promotion of Written Chinese Vernaculars

Don Snow, October 10

’Nations Below Wind’ and the Chinese Dream along the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road—Mapping Southeast Asia in the World

Qian Zhu, October 24

The Politics of Sex: GIs and the ‘Jeep Girl’ Narratives

Zach Fredman, November 7

’Riddle of the Universe’: Langston Hughes, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Black Internationalism in China

Selina Lai-Henderson, November 21


Daniel Stephens, December 5

Past Workshops