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Pilot Project Research Fellows

Pilot Project Research Fellows

As members of the inaugural undergraduate class at Duke Kunshan University, all students play a unique and historic role in the development of a global university based in China. The Humanities Research Center (HRC) at DKU invites all members of the inaugural cohort to participate in the Student Experience Pilot Documentary Project.

Participants in this project will be asked to record weekly vlogs of their experience at DKU based on prompts that they will receive. Students will have the opportunity to meet regularly with fellow vloggers, show clips to each other, and reflect together on their educational experience. This teaching project is designed to help students become faster and better learners and gain as much as possible out of the DKU experience. (In addition, students over the age of eighteen may also consent to participate in a research project in which their video data will be analyzed for research and evaluation purposes).

As part of this project, the HRC will select a number of vloggers as undergraduate research fellows. Research fellows will be given funding and training to help turn their vlogs into short documentaries that will be exhibited at a film night later in the term.

All students who participate in this project will gain valuable experience in film-making, develop their artistic creativity, and reflect together on their educational experience in consultation with the project co-directors and the Center for Teaching and Learning.

If you are student at DKU, please help the Humanities Research Center to make history by signing up as a student vlogger