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DKU QUEST – Exploring China’s Beauty and Mystery


    DKU QUEST embraces the integration of global and local traditions of thought and experience while promoting cross-cultural understanding. This is done by providing as many DKU students as possible with a unique and memorable excursion experience in China exploring its culture, history, and/or natural offerings.

    DKU Quest Learning Outcomes:

    By participating in one of DKU Quest's Excursions, students will be able to:

    • Learn, recognize and appreciate cultural differences between, at a minimum, five other classmates from different cultural or personal backgrounds. 
    • Develop their communication and/or leadership skills to function in a global educational environment.
    • Learn and experience firsthand one unique part of China's culture, history and/or natural offerings.
    • Expand their knowledge and/or skillsets in various environmental settings and team development aspects.
    • Build and expand intercultural friendships with at least 10 classmates.

    At the beginning of each Fall and/or Spring semester, students will have the opportunity to attend an informational session to learn about each new set of excursions they can apply to participate in and details regarding the process. Dates and times will be sent out to students over email.

    Get excited for the opportunity to explore China through DKU Quest!

    For information and/or questions about DKU Quest, please contact Damian Medina, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs