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Campus Health Service



    The Campus Health Clinic is an important unit housed within the Duke Kunshan University Student Affairs team. The mission of Campus Health is to provide basic and first aid care, health education and workshops on preventive health to students, faculty and staff members.


    Our goals include creating a campus culture that facilitates a healthy lifestyle at Duke Kunshan University. Our clinical staff provide quality and efficient services that meet the needs of our students, faculty and staff members. Specifically, we are committed to recruiting and hiring skilled and compassionate clinical staff, developing innovative programs to serve the health and well-being needs of patients, evaluating our work from a customer orientation and using information technology to improve the quality and efficiency of the operations within our unit.

    Description of Services

    The Campus Health Clinic provides basic, outpatient primary care services. All services are exclusively for the DKU students, staff and faculty members. Campus Health does not perform any surgical procedures, nor does it provide any clinical laboratory or on-site prescription services. Basic “over-the-counter” medication (OTC) may be available for patients with certain simple clinical symptoms. Campus Health will serve students with disabilities by collecting and reviewing relevant service related to their disabilities.

    Team Members

    Yabei Zuo

    Julia Zuo joined Duke Kunshan University on July 10, 2017 as Campus clinic Nurse, Her main job responsibilities include cooperating with doctors, scheduling all clinic appointments, and providing basic primary and follow-up care to Duke Kunshan University students, faculty and staff members, providing basic emergency life support, and serving as liaison with local hospitals.

    She received her bachelor degree form Luohe Medical College, major in English (Nursing). Completed the undergraduate course of Suzhou University to continue education and get the certificate.

    Previously, she worked in Saudi British hospital in Saudi Arabic for two years. After come back, she worked in Suzhou SingHealth Medical Clinic and Tokushinkai Dental Clinic.

    Jinfu Zuo

    Zuo Jingfu is the part-time physician of Duke Kunshan University. Dr. Zuo graduated with the bachelor degree of medicine from Shanghai Jiaotong University. He first worked in the department of medicine in the Pu’an People’s Hospital, Guizhou Province for 10 years. Later he worked in the department of cardiology of the Institute of Cardiovascular Disease in Guizhou People’s Hospital for 2 years. He also worked in Kunshan No.1 People’s Hospital for 31 years and has been the head of the department of medicine and the chief physician. Before joining Duke Kunshan University, Dr. Zuo is practicing in the department of medicine of several hospitals in Kunshan.

    Clinic Location

    Service Building, Room 1024

    Service Hours

    9:00-17:00 Monday – Friday;
    closed noon-1:00 p.m. and Weekend

    Service Scope

    • Medical consultation

      Basic primary care medical services.

      Physical therapy services

      Patient referral

      Annual health check

    • Medical emergency response

      24/7 medical emergency support

    • Health education & promotion

      First aid training; proper hand washing; sexual health education; health and safety instruction for travelers; flu vaccination

    • Crisis management

      Contagious disease prevention and control

    Contact us

    • Email Address: (appointments only)
    • Appointment Desk (Cancellation 24 hours in advance): 512.3665.7228
    • For Urgent Medical Support on DKU Campus: 181.1266.3198
    • Ambulance (for all medical emergencies): 120
    • Police (for all emergencies): 110