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Welcome to Duke Kunshan University Clubs & Organizations!

Student clubs and organizations are an exciting and important part of the Duke Kunshan University experience, not only to serve the diverse needs and interests of our students, connect everybody outside their classrooms, but also to provide leadership skills development and opportunities, as well as to empower students culturally, socially, and intellectually.

Becoming an official club/organization on campus is only one step away. Contact Student Affairs Office to find out more

Club List

Kunshan Student Ambassador Council (KSAC)

The Kunshan Student Ambassador Council (KSAC) is an international network of students linking Duke Kunshan University, Duke University, and Wuhan University. Building upon the unique relationship between our partner universities, KSAC aims to promote global leadership and intercultural communication among the student bodies of these three world-class institutions by acting as role models for global citizenship.


Promotes Health and Well-Being, Duke Kunshan University Varsity is comprised of individuals organized to further their interest in physical activity through instruction, recreation and/or competition. Varsity is student-run and governed, and allows members numerous opportunities for involvement with fund raising, public relations, budgeting, administration and scheduling. 

Check out our Gym facility in the Conference Center and Fitness class schedule.


Documentary&Arts(Doc&Arts) is student-run and governed, and allow members numerous opportunities for involvement with various art activities, including but not limited to documentary, photography, exhibition, painting, tea art and flower arrangement.

International Association

Duke Kunshan University International Association (DKU-IA) is a student organization aiming to promote internationalism at Duke Kunshan University through campus wide events that involve students, faculty members, staff and local residents. It fosters the diverse culture at Duke Kunshan University and friendships between different groups of students through a wide range of cultural, social and leadership activities. One of the main goals of DKU-IA this year is to integrate the international and Chinese communities at Duke Kunshan University. One example of DKU-IA events is the International Fair, which is a showcase for Duke Kunshan University students to represent their countries and cultures to other students, professors, faculties and the local community.

Kun Opera Club

What is Kun Opera? It’s China’s most classical form of opera, and it started and developed right here in Kunshan! Well, also in Suzhou and other parts of this region. It includes singing, dancing, great costumes, and some of the most eloquent body lanague you will ever see. The stories have lots of romances with young beauties meeting clever young scholars (才子佳人), but also comic scenes, occasional fights with tigers(not really ones of course) and more!

What do we do? Free Kun Opera performances are held very other week on Sunday afternoons at 2pm at Poly Theater. For those who want to go to Poly as a group, meet the lobby by 1pm.The Kun Opera Club will also sponsor other events and activities during the semester- Keep an eye out for announcements!

What should I do if I am interested in being a member or being part of the Kun Opera Club planning group, contact

Student Volunteer Association

Student volunteering is an important part of the Duke Kunshan student experience. Members will receive valuable experience and training which will benefit them in their study, personal development and career, at the same time, give something back to the community. All we need is a bit of your time and talent! All Duke Kunshan University students, in the near future, staff and faculty too, are welcomed to join the association. 

Wenjing Yang
Global Learning Semester
2016 Spring

  • Dong Cheng Primary School | Nanchang, China | 2011 (Volunteer)
  • Home for the Elderly | Nanchang, China | 2011 Volunteer)
  • The 18th China International Fair for Investment & Trade |  Xiamen, China | 2014 (Volunteer)
  • Island of Hope Project   |  Nairobi, Kenya | 2015 (Volunteer)
  • Xiamen International Marathon | Xiamen, China | 2015 (Volunteer)
  • Dance School --- for children of rural migrant workers | 2016 | Kunshan, China (Volunteering teacher)
  • Changemaker in Slums Project - Introducing education resources to the disabled children in slums  | Nairobi, Kenya |   06/2015-now  (Founder)

Contact for more information on current program offered.