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Academy Overview


The Office of Student Affairs aimed to implement an extracurricular leadership development program to help students become global leaders who can positively impact the campus, Kunshan community, and the world.  The Global Leadership Academy was created and rooted in a theoretical framework that helps students understand consciousness of self, congruence, commitment, common purpose, controversy with civility, collaboration, and citizenship.


The Global Leadership Academy will be a six semester, experience-tiered Academy growing in depth and breadth each semester of participation.  The Academy will be grouped into three year-long programs:  Discover, Explore, and Trail Blaze.  Discover will introduce students to the Social Change Model of Leadership.  Explore will expand the emerging leaders’ depth and breadth of leadership knowledge and skills.  Trail Blaze will empower the established leader to chart their own leadership journey to prepare them for their post-DKU world.


Each program will have two semester-long experiences:  Base Camp and Expedition.

Base Camp

Base Camp is an outdoor adventure term referring to a place that serves as a preparation center for a future expedition.  A base camp is where mountaineers acclimate to an environment, where they stock up on supplies, and finalize the details and plans for their journey.  We use it metaphorically as this is the first semester experience in each program, where students have classroom-based learning.  Half of the lessons consist of readings, videos, discussions, moderated panels, and presentations.  The other lessons use games, activities, and initiatives to give students avenues to view, experience, and apply their learning from the previous week. 


Once the Base Camp semester is over, students can opt to continue and be a part of an Expedition.  The Expedition experience is the second semester of each program and throughout this time, students apply the lessons and theories from Base Camp to practice, in any leadership arena they find themselves in.  Many, but not all, of our participants hold a leadership position on campus.  For those that don’t, we offer an opportunity to co-facilitate the Base Camp they just completed with a staff member.  Additionally, we have plans for Expedition students to plan a leadership conference each semester, where students, faculty, and staff could submit program proposals, and where the conference itself would be open to the entire DKU community.  All students in an Expedition will meet together with an Academy facilitator to reflect back on the lessons from Base Camp and discuss how they have and how they can apply these things to the environments they lead.

Contact Us

Our Office

The Global Leadership Academy is coordinated by the Residence Life department within the Office of Student Affairs.  Our business hours are 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM daily from Monday – Friday, and we are located in the Student Residence Hall 202 suite on the 2nd floor.  Additionally, our office phone number is +86 (0512) 3665.7020 and Academy email account is

Our Facilitators

Charlie Clausen
Assistant Dean of Residence Life
Student Residence Hall 202A
+86 (0512) 3665.7277

Echo Zhao
Senior Coordinator for Residential Education
Student Residence Hall 202B
+86 (0512) 3665.7317

Emmie Faro
Residence Life Coordinator – Talent Apartments A2 & A4
Student Residence Hall 302A
+86 (0512) 3665.7801

Jenny Yao
Residence Life Coordinator – Canadian International School of Kunshan
Student Residence Hall 302A
+86 (0512) 3665.7543

Maranda Cox
Residence Life Coordinator – Conference Center
Student Residence Hall 202B
+86 (0512) 3665.7721

Patrick Dayton
Residence Life Coordinator – Student Residence Hall
Student Residence Hall 302B
+86 (0512) 3665.7901

Yaning Cao
Residence Life Coordinator – Talent Apartments A3
Student Residence Hall 302B
+86 (0512) 3665.7342