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Student Activities at Duke Kunshan University creates involvement opportunities by offering programs that encourage co-curricular learning, community involvement, provide personal and leadership development, and to support and enhance the student experience throughout the semesters.

Student Activities Internship - Student Affairs Office 

Internships in Student Activities are designed to provide DKU students with hands-on learning experiences that will help them develop valuable and transferable skills. Interns will work on a variety of projects together with the Senior Student Activities Officer in Student Affairs Office, for more information about the internship and to apply, please contact

"Before adopting a new faith, I used to feel very anxious all the time, usually about the future. I’m a very reflective person, and so I tried to identify the forces inside me that were making me confused and uncomfortable. I realized that the cause was comparison; comparison with others and society. I’m not worried about having nice cars or big houses, but I do believe in quality of life. All my friends are very ambitious. In 20 years, I don’t want to meet old friends and for them to think ‘Well, she is a loser.' I’ve recently realized that this fear makes no sense. If my goals are based on fear, then I will feel empty and have a low self-esteem. Faith has helped me learn to love myself. It gives me a kind of happiness that isn’t from friends, grades, or achievements. It’s more like a peace. A peace flowing like a river through my heart."

"Up until a few years ago, I used to believe there is no such thing as true pain. It's all in the mind. But I've since realized that there are certain pains that have the potential to kill people. Not every pain has a good side; there are some that are purely bad. When I go to medical school, I want to find answers to pain. I want to explore its emotional and physiological dimensions. I don't agree that we should consider pain as something that necessarily makes you stronger."

What is one piece of advice you always give to your friends?

“Never give up. Just keep trying, and put your trust in God. Before coming to DKU, I had almost given up on applying to graduate schools that would give me a scholarship. I had always seen American standard education as more or less a guarantee to a better life. After several attempts, I almost lost hope. But then I tried again, and now I’m here. I consider it such a blessing. The environment is beautiful, accommodative, and encouraging. The campus evokes hope and gives a sense of ‘everything is going to end well.’"

Fall 2017 New Students Orientation and Welcome Week   
August 21th - 26st